Michael McDonald - I Keep Forgettin’ (Sweet Abraham’s Unauthorized Rub)

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this song has haunted me for years and I'm an unabashed Michael McDonald fan - he makes an incredible home for a certain style of harmony and melody. i wanted to bump the bottom end and add more depth to the underlying melodies so I rebuilt the music (and particularly the chords) to feel that much more melancholic. might just be me but the longing inherent in the song now feels far more present and single-minded. might be odd but i think the stripped beat/bass/synth combo in the outro loop is my fave segment - i guess a dub might be forthcoming :P

go buy Michael McDonald's book with Paul Reiser "What A Fool Believes" - stories of an incredible era.


released June 6, 2024
Michael McDonald — lead vocals
Louis Johnson — bass guitar
Maureen McDonald — backing vocals